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3 Benefits of building your own PC

In this post I wanted to share 3 reasons why you may want to consider building a PC yourself opposed to buying a prebuilt. Building a PC for the first time may seem like a difficult challenge but you may be suppressed how easy it can be! There are a countless amount of guides and helpful information on the internet to make this process a breeze.


While some prebuilt PC's have became more appealing in recent years, aesthetics can be a very important part of your experience. PC's come in a variety of sizes, which is great depending on your preference. Mid to Full size towers are wonderful options but take up a great amount of space. It's worth considering the way you would like that giant box on your desk to look.

When building a PC yourself you have hundreds of thousands of case options to chose from which is something you are extremely limited with if getting a prebuilt.

Cable management is also another huge benefit. I have found from my experience that some of the lower to mid tier options (especially older models) come with poor messy cable management. This is something that can be fixed in prebuilt PC's but may take a lot of time and patients as some cases are not cable management friendly to begin with.

While some people may value looks more than others, custom looks are not the only benifit of building a PC yourself.


This one heavily relies on many different factors but from my personal experience and research, prebuilt PC's do not have very good airflow which directly impacts performance. Building a PC yourself not only allows you to buy high quality, affordable cooling components, you are in complete control of how well the cooling will be in the PC.


This is definitely not something I would have said earlier this year and throughout most of the pandemic. However, with GPU prices at somewhat normal levels building your own PC can be more cost efficient now. Not only can you build a better looking and preforming PC by building one yourself in many scenarios you have the ability to pay less than what you would for a prebuilt.

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