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Discord Partnering with Xbox - What This Means For Gamers

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

In a world where digital media thrives, Discord has emerged as a top competitor in the chat app market. With more than 200 million users, Discord is now the go-to communications platform for gamers and streamers. At Microsoft’s recent Digital Communications Conference (D5), we learned that Discord will be partnering with Xbox to integrate their services directly into the gaming console. This news has left some confused about what it means for both companies, but also for gamers and streamers who use the app regularly. This article will explore how this partnership benefits both parties, what it means for gamers, and why you should pay attention to these two organizations moving forward.

What is Discord?

Discord is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and social media platform designed for gamers and streamers. It allows you to chat with friends while sharing game clips, images, and videos. It also allows you to create custom text and voice channels to host online gaming communities or stream with a small team. In addition to VoIP, Discord also offers text and image sharing. This feature has made it incredibly popular among gamers who want to discuss problems with one another, ask for advice, or coordinate groups. There’s also a built-in gaming library, which allows you to see what games your friends play and what games you have installed on your computer.

Why is Discord Partnering with Xbox?

Discord is already a very popular chat app among gamers, but this partnership will allow it to integrate with Xbox Live and make it easier for gamers to use on the console. The partnership will give Xbox users the ability to connect their Discord account directly to their Xbox Live account. Once linked, Discord will be integrated directly into the Xbox console and allow users to control the app from their games. Users will be able to access their Discord friends list directly from the Xbox dashboard and send messages using their Discord servers across platforms.

What We Know About the Partnership So Far

The app will be available on Xbox One, and Xbox users will be able to link their Xbox Live account to their Discord account. Xbox gamers will also be able to send messages to their friends on Discord directly from their game. The partnership will also enable Xbox users to view their Discord friends list directly from their games and send messages to those they know on Discord. Xbox gamers will also be able to link their Discord accounts to their Xbox accounts to earn in-game achievements. This will make it easier for Discord users to find and connect with their friends in-game.

What This Means for Gamers

A partnership between Discord and Xbox could mean a number of different things for gamers. It could mean built-in voice chat for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. It could also mean that Xbox games could be integrated into Discord’s platform. One of the best features of Discord is that the app is available on pretty much every platform. You can connect it to your computer, your phone, or even your Nintendo Switch. If Xbox is integrated into Discord, it could mean that you can use the same app to connect with your friends while playing games on Xbox One. For gamers, the integration of Xbox and Discord could mean an easier way to connect and chat with your friends — and an easier way to find new people to play with. It could also mean that games on Xbox One are integrated more closely with Discord, so they can be easier to find and connect with people playing.

What This Means for Streamers

The partnership between Discord and Xbox could also have a positive impact on streamers. One of the most popular features of Discord is the ability to create and join text and voice channels. This enables gamers and streamers to create private rooms where they can invite their friends and chat while playing. The partnership between Unity and Xbox could make it easier for gamers and streamers to invite their Discord friends to their live streams. The app could also be integrated directly into the Xbox dashboard, making it easier than ever for gamers to find and join their favorite streams.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between Discord and Xbox is still in its early stages, so we don’t know much about exactly how it will work. For now, the two companies have confirmed the partnership and are working together to create a more seamless experience for gamers. We also don’t know how this partnership will affect the relationship between Microsoft and Skype, but it’s likely that both companies will continue to operate as they have in the past. Discord and Xbox partnering could be a win-win for both companies, as it could attract new customers while also keeping current users happy.

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