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LCS 2022 Playoffs Time!!! Where to Watch & Schedule 8/25-8/28

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

It's been an exciting year for the LCS and we are quickly entering the most exciting time of year for competitive league of legends. LCS Playoffs and Worlds shortly after!!!

One of my favorite things following competitive League of Legends is the vast amount of platforms it's available on for free. You can watch on any platforms linked below!

Official League of Legends Website:



Quick tip: If you have a dual or multiple monitor setup you can open more than one tab to follow a wide variety of stats in real time while watching the games! Only on (Official site)

Lower Bracket:

Thursday 8/25 4pm

FlyQuest Vs. TSM

Friday 8/26 4pm

CLG Vs. Golden Guardians

Upper Bracket:

Saturday 8/27 4pm

100 Thieves Vs. Team Liquid Honda

Sunday 8/28 4pm

Evil Geniuses Vs. Cloud9

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