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League of Legends Midseason Changes: Shaking Up the Meta

Riot Games has made significant changes in the latest patch 13.10 for League of Legends. This patch focuses primarily on ADCs (Attack Damage Carries) and their items, aiming to shake up the prevailing ADC meta that has dominated recent gameplay, particularly in the MSI 2023 tournament.

Major Changes: ADCs and Their Items

The most substantial changes in this patch are around items. Four key items for ADCs have been upgraded to the main Mythic Items: Infinity Edge, Navori Quickblades, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Galeforce. In contrast, Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow are no longer Mythics and have been nerfed to bring them more in line with other Legendary items.

Another interesting change is the reintroduction of Statikk Shiv, priced at 3,000 gold. This item is back with its chain lightning effect, dealing a whopping 120% bonus damage to minions.

Support Items: Adjustments and Additions

Support players will notice changes too. The popular first and second items, Shurelya’s Battlesong and Chemtech Purifier, now cost less, and Ardent Censer now grants a 5% movement speed bonus. Moreover, the vision item Watchful Wardstone can now only be purchased once you've completed your support quest.

A new addition to the game is Echoes of Helia, a support item that is ideal for poke-heavy enchanters like Nami and Karma.

Buffed Champions and New Skins

Several champions received buffs in this patch: Akshan, Kalista, Kindred, Neeko, and Vayne. It will be interesting to see how these adjustments affect their pick rates in the competitive scene.

For those interested in cosmetics, new skins are available: Snow Moon Ahri, Snow Moon Morgana, and Snow Moon Varus.

Potential Impact of These Changes

These changes could rebalance the game in significant ways. The nerfs to ADC Mythic items may reduce the power of ADCs slightly in the mid-game, forcing players to adapt their strategies. The reintroduction of Statikk Shiv could change the dynamics of wave clearing and lane pressure, favoring champions that can effectively utilize it.

The changes to support items could also adjust the power and utility of support champions, potentially encouraging more diversity in the bot lane. These updates often require some time to fully understand and adapt to, as player strategies and champion preferences might change as they get used to the new dynamics.


Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, these changes offer a fresh challenge and a chance to refine your strategies in League of Legends. So jump in, adapt, and most importantly, have fun!

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