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NVIDIA Investor Day March 22, 2022 - Predictions & Will They Announce RTX 4000 GPU's?

Nvidia is having their investor day on March 22, 2022 at 10:00 AM PT. Viewers can register for it here, but will also be widely available on YouTube live.

In this conference they are likely to talk about a wide variety of topics such as AI, financials, ESG, progress/forward looking statements, shortages/supply chain issues, GPU's, autonomous driving, machine learning, Q&A and likely a lot more mind boggling technology.

It is important to not that Nvidia was recently the target of hack, which had leaked upcoming products such as the possible RTX 4000 GPU's "Lovelace" among other things. Although Nvidia has confirmed the hack, they have not confirmed nor denied any of the leaked information.

For those looking for more updates regarding new products such as "Lovelace" Nvidia may announce a more specific time frame but we will just have to be patient.

What I am Looking For as an Investor

My main concerns, still in 2022, are supply chain issues. And one specific concern is the same exact concern I have with AMD, Taiwan. For those of you that aren't familiar AMD, Nvidia and many other chipmakers are actually manufactured in Taiwan by a company called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Taiwan is a relatively small island off the coast of China. Taiwan gained its independence in 1912 but China still seems to claim the island. With tensions around the world tightening China's invasion of Taiwan remains a concern for me. I know it is not very likely, but I also did not think Russia would really invade Ukraine but here we are.

Another issue related to supply chain issues are increased costs. Primarily due to oil prices but any other increases they may see.

Lastly, a possible decrease in mining demand. Ethereum is set to transition to proof of stake this summer. I don't find this very likely and expect delays but, the (market) prices of GPU's have been on a decline the past couple months.


I am very interested in what they have to present on the 22nd. I continue to own shares of NVDA despite my concerns as I believe the upside continues to be worth the risk. I currently have a bigger position in AMD, but nonetheless, I am a huge fan of Nvidia both as a consumer and investor.

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