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Riot Games' Arcane: Astonishing Reviews But So Far Lacks Popularity in U.S.

The first 3 episodes of Arcane were release on November 6th with the final 3 episodes of the series planed for release on the 19th. There has been a lot of hype building up to the release of the series and for good reason. It is the first show if its kind and with the popularity of League of Legends worldwide, Riot may be on to something big.

This may seem a bit unrelated but John Needham, (President of Sports, Riot Games) recently confirmed that the esports division for League of Legends remains unprofitable but assured that "it's okay". It remains unclear how much revenue Arcane will bring in which is crucial for the future of any future production from Riot Games.

Forbes Paul Tassi, released an article titled "‘Arcane’ Is Netflix’s #1 Show In 52 Countries, But Struggling In The US" which brings up some great points that may be overlooked which is viewership outside of the U.S.

Arcane has obtained a IMDb Rating of 9.4/10 with 28k reviews and tops quite a few of thier charts which is very positive. As of now Google says 97% of people have like the show and Arcane also has a 100% rotten Tomatoes score.

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