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The Future of League of Legends: Exciting Updates in Gameplay, Character Design, and Skins

Anivia league of legends new skin

League of Legends (LoL), the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, is set to undergo several exciting updates. From changes in the ranked system to character redesigns and new skins, the game promises to offer a refreshed and enhanced gaming experience for its players.

Revamping the Ranked System

LoL is introducing changes to its ranked system to make it more competitive and rewarding. The new system will feature a tier-based progression, with players earning Ranked Insignias as they climb the ranks. These insignias will be displayed on players' profiles and loading screen borders, adding a new layer of prestige to the ranked gameplay.

In 2023, Riot Games has made a significant change to the League of Legends ranking system by introducing a new tier called "Emerald". Positioned between Platinum and Diamond, the Emerald tier is designed to provide a more accurate representation of skill levels among high-ranked players. This change is a testament to Riot's commitment to constantly improve the gaming experience and ensure fair competition.

league of legends ranked tier list graph
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Clash Changes and Split 2 Schedule

The Clash tournament system is also getting a makeover. The frequency of Clash tournaments will be reduced to roughly one per month, with two Clash days per tournament. This change aims to increase participant numbers, making the tournaments feel more lively and competitive. The reward system is also being revamped, with Clash capsule and orb rewards now being distributed based on total wins throughout the tournament, rather than placement.

New Game Mode: 2v2v2v2

Riot Games is also introducing a new game mode known as 2v2v2v2. In this mode, four teams of two will pick champions and be paired against another team in several deathmatch-style rounds.

Champions will progress in power over the game, gaining items, levels, and special powers called Augments in between the combat rounds. Teams are eliminated after losing enough rounds, allowing you to queue up immediately. This mode is similar to TFT’s Double Up mode, which was the inspiration for the developers.

Character Redesigns: Lee Sin and Teemo

Two of the game's characters, Lee Sin and Teemo, are set to undergo Art and Sustainability Updates (ASUs). The goal of these updates is to modernize the characters' designs while maintaining their unique identities.

Lee Sin's redesign will emphasize his muscular and fit body, and his iconic braid will be freed up to add an extra area of interest in terms of animation and design. Teemo's redesign details are yet to be revealed, but players can expect significant improvements.

New Ultimate Skin: Samira

samira league of legends

Samira, the desert rose, is set to receive an ultimate skin as part of this year's summer event. The skin, which started as a legendary skin, kept getting more additions due to the thematic fit and the opportunity seen with Samira's skin.

The result is a new and more sustainable approach to ultimate skin development, leading to the ultimate expression of Samira's fantasy as a flashy ADC always ready to style on her foes.

State of Skins 2023

LoL is also introducing changes to its skin system. The Mythic Shop is getting a thematic change, with the Ashen Knights being replaced by Crystalis Motus, a world where once-lost magic is slowly returning in the form of crystals. The number of prestige skins offered in the store at any time will be increased from two to four, allowing for a quicker rotation through the existing library of prestige skins.

League of Legends continues to evolve, offering its players new and exciting updates. With changes in gameplay, character design, and skins, the game promises to provide an enhanced and immersive gaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!


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