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Top 5 Most Important Aspects of Any Gaming Setup

Gamers too often feel obligated or pressured into making unnecessary purchases that are either unpractical or outside of their budget. With this in mind we aimed to create a list of items that help combat this issue along with some advice/recommendations.

In this Article we are going to discuss 5 essential parts to any gaming setup that will ensure a great & appealing gaming experience.

5.) Desk That Fits Your Room & Setup

No room is the same. No Setup is the same.

Whether you like it or not, your desk is going to limit what your setup can consist of and that's ok. One of the great things about gaming is the ability to play in small or large spaces. This is why investing in a desk that utilizes whatever space available, while also being practical for your future setup made it on our list.

4.) Ergonomic/Gaming Chair

Comfort over looks.

We are not going to spend to much time on the benefits of ergonomic chairs over the classic gaming chair and to be honest good quality ergonomic chairs are typically far more expensive. However, don't underestimate the value of a solid gaming chair.

For the nightlong gaming sessions having something comfortable along with something that supports good posture is a beautiful thing. And while on the topic of good posture don't be afraid to get some resistance bands, do some light exercise and some stretches in between games.

3.) Speakers/Headset

Much like a good monitor, you may be surprised how much good audio may enhance your gaming experience. No person in their right mind wants to listen to the Halo theme song on poor sounding speakers, but with the right bass, highs and mids... its a wrap.

2.) Gaming Monitor

Against my intentionally feeding teammates common belief, you may actually want to see what is on your screen. All jokes aside, playing on a higher resolution and FPS do make things more clear and enjoyable.

As you may already know there are many types of monitors and potential set ups for monitors such as dual monitors. The great thing about monitors is that if you do decide to upgrade down the road you have the option to have a dual monitor set up. Once you play on a higher FPS and resolution you will never go back, and for good reason.

1.) Computer

Crazy right?

Okay this one seems a bit obvious, a computer will be the main factor in determining the quality in which you are able to game. A computer or laptop is often the most expensive piece of any setup, and for the most part, rightfully so. However, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

If you are play very graphic intensive games then you may be able to justify spending a little more for the extra computing power. But this is something that many gamers (including myself) are guilty of. Especially when this money has the potential to be spent better elsewhere in your setup. You also always have the option to upgrade down the road.


Unless you recently won the lottery, you are more than likely going to add to and build your setup over time. Don't be afraid to take things slow and only purchase things you are comfortable with buying. Just like a car, electronics quickly depreciate (except graphics cards during the pandemic...).

This list should lead you in the right direction of having a more enjoyable gaming experience and hopefully one day complete the ultimate gaming setup!

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