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Will AMD overthrow The King of Graphics? Time will Tell

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Nvidia has held the throne as the GPU king for quite some time now. In this time, they have been able to produce some truly innovative products that have had a profound impact on the PC gaining industry we know today. Nvidia has consistently been able to offer a superior product from both a price-to-performance and functionality perspective.

Nvidia's resilience to remain at the top will face its toughest challenge in decades as they compete with AMD in next gen graphics

AMD Has The Opportunity to Steal Nvdia's Market share Due to Delays

With the GPU market having its largest price drop in history, consumers finally have access to reasonably priced GPU's. However, this is causing havoc, especially for Nvidia. There has already been speculation that the 40 series cards will be pushed back to December.

The reasoning for this delay is to sell as much current supply as possible. Nvidia may or may not have factored in a drop in demand this fast this soon, its difficult to tell. The drop in demand is the biggest challenge both AMD and Nvidia will face along with any other manufacturer.

Supply and Demand

With crypto market crashing miners have not only stopped buying GPU's they have flooded the used GPU market causing a massive drop in demand for new cards. Whoever is able to most accurately predict supply and demand, while factoring it into production will do well.

Unfortunately for both companies, the performance difference in their next gen cards are not expected to be all that different. With the overall drop in demand factored in, whoever offers the best price-to-performance will sell the most products.

What it Means For Gamers

The good news: graphics cards, in theory, should be very reasonably priced for the foreseeable future.

The bad news: New releases may get delayed in order to sell the current excess supply.


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