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Live Pricing Widget

Our live pricing widget is designed to provide current pricing on online products.

Our readers need the most up-to-date and Accurate pricing!
After doing extensive research, we were unable to find any practical solutions to this issue. So we made one. That everyone can use. 

The program is temporarily hosted on Glitch, which unfortunately can be a little slow to use at times. It's free, what do you want from us...


Anyway, the current retailers supported are Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy and Newegg. Simply put any product link into the generator, customize it to your liking and copy/paste the code into your website. BOOM! Explaining it sounds very underwhelming but we have so many uses for this widget alone!

Disclaimers: Please understand it is still in the "Beta" stage for a reason. In keeping it free to use all we ask for in return is any feedback you may have. We are well aware loading times are on the slower end but please be patient! All questions, feedback, comments, ect.. can be send to

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